Igagu partners with multiple FNO (Fibre Network Operators) that offer fibre to the home and to business. Fibre technology in South Africa is now being rolled out even to homes unlike before when it was limited to businesses. Given a number of service providers rolling out this technology, it has become a mission to find a quality service provider that can give you a reliable connection, competitive pricing. Igagu has been in the Industry for the past five years and has done work for Big players like Transnet Pipeline, SADV, ATC and Vodacom, this puts us in a strong position to provide high-speed and reliable network.


With the reliable fibre you can build a smart home for the future and be able to enjoy international TV channels without buffering. Fibre enables one to link all the devices and systems at home so that one can remote monitor them from anywhere in the World. This will give effect to deployment of technologies that will cover a variety of services that focus on monitoring and protecting the home as well as the remote and automated control of home devices


Fibre also provides an integrated entertainment system within the household and includes accessing and sharing digital content across different devices, has proven to be the most prolific and contains some of the most mature technologies in the connected home. This enables music streaming from different platforms and as well as access to platforms such as Netflix.